Reasons to Consider a Diesel Truck

Reasons to Consider a Diesel Truck

Whether a diesel truck is used for work or play, at Banghart Diesel & Performance our passion is to service, build and maintain efficient and effective diesel trucks for every use. Too often diesel trucks are marked for leaving trails of smoke or for its loud engine – but these are things of the past.

There are many reasons to consider a diesel truck, for both hard work and hard play. In fact, diesel engines are as efficient (if not more efficient) than gas engines. And our Omaha diesel performance technicians would argue there are many other benefits to a diesel engine.

Diesel trucks are more powerful, more fuel efficient and more durable.

Power: Diesel engines can efficiently provide much more power and torque than gas engines. This excess power makes diesel trucks the optimal choice for heavy-duty towing.

Efficiency: Diesel will cost you less, as it takes more gas to power an engine than it does diesel. Diesel trucks will use less fuel when idle, and even though most diesel trucks are heavier than their gas counterparts, they often get better miles per gallon.

Durability: A diesel truck holds it value better than a gas truck. However, a diesel trucks performance and longevity comes with a price. Diesel performance parts do cost more than that of a gas truck – but the value lasts.

Our diesel performance technicians service Lincoln and Omaha with confidence that diesel trucks provide value. And with proper maintenance and guidance from the pros, a diesel truck can provide power, efficiency and value for years to come.

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