Fuel Additives for Enhanced Diesel Performance

Fuel Additives for Enhanced Diesel Performance

Diesel engines have different needs than that of a gasoline vehicle. Over time these engines suffer from fuel system issues caused by minor impurities in the diesel fuel. Today’s modern diesel fuel can also lack sufficient lubrication due to the removal of sulfur since the introduction of Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel a decade ago. When an engine is switched off, fuel remains in places like the fuel line, fuel filter – and most importantly the injectors.

Our Omaha diesel performance technicians are trained and passionate about diesel vehicles and understand the value of keeping a diesel engine in optimal condition for either work or play. For the longevity and performance of a diesel engine we recommend diesel fuel additives, to help protect injectors and other components in the fuel system from premature failure.

A diesel fuel additive is a chemical that can change the properties of untreated diesel fuel. There are several types of additives to address different properties such as added lubrication, increased cetane, algae growth preventer, and cold flow improvement during freezing temperatures. The slightest amount of contamination or lack of proper lubricity can affect the injection timing and spray pattern, which ultimately affects combustion. This leads to reduced performance, lower fuel economy, and possible major engine failure.

Most diesel additives work fine, but there are a few that do not contain enough of the correct ingredients to properly protect a fuel system. Our diesel performance Omaha shop can advise on the correct diesel fuel additives you need to be using, and assess your diesel vehicle for proper performance. We also offer diesel fuel cleaning services for those that want to ensure their system is clean and in good condition. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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