Water-Methanol Injections for Increase Fuel Economy and Lower Emissions

Water-Methanol Injections for Increase Fuel Economy and Lower Emissions

Diesel performance is often sought after with new expertise and innovation. While technologies are always changing, many of our best diesel performance tricks are decades old.

If on a search for increased fuel economy and lower emissions, diesel truck owners may want to consider a water/methanol injection. A combination of water and methanol is sprayed into the intake of the engine. As the liquid enters the intake it absorbs heats and travels with the air, entering the cylinder, continuing to absorb heat energy. As the piston compresses the mixture and the liquid absorbs more heat energy, the liquid becomes gas when the fuel is injected into the cylinder and ignited. Therefore, more power is developed with the same amount of diesel fuel.

Resulting in high combustion efficiency; water/methanol injections achieve increased fuel economy and lower emissions – as mentioned above – as well as less regens and a cleaner running truck. The diesel fuel being burned after a water methanol injection is burned during combustion and will not leave the exhaust pipe as black smoke. The water-methanol steam also cleans the manifold/valves/combustion chamber for a clean running diesel free of carbon build up.

At Banghart Diesel and Performance, our diesel performance technicians can advise on increasing performance with water/methanol injection, and can make recommendations based on a truck’s make, model and use (work/competition). Give us a call today and see how our technicians can help!

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