Maintain Tires for Increased Performance

Maintain Tires for Increased Performance

At Banghart Diesel & Performance we are all about helping you protect the investment of your diesel vehicle and achieve optimal performance. Among the simplest ways we help our customers maintain a high level of performance is with proper tire care.

Tire maintenance not only extends the life of your tires but provides greater efficiency for your diesel vehicle. Here are a few tips from our Omaha and Lincoln diesel performance technicians to help maintain optimal performance.

Check Tire Pressure. Underinflated tires leads to excess heat, uneven wear and decreased braking and handling capabilities. This may lead to structural failures like blowouts and tread separation. Properly inflated tires will maximize tread life, improve handling, and increase fuel efficiency and overall driver safety.

Rotate. Check your owner’s manual for recommended rotation patterns. When followed routinely, tire rotation enhances front-to-rear and side-to-side tire wear.

Replace in sets. When new tires are needed, two new tires should be installed on the rear of a vehicle, and the partially worn tires should be moved to the front of the vehicle. Adding only one new tire can cause vehicle handling issues.

Checking tires every month takes just a few minutes. Committing to regularly checking in for tire maintenance will increase the life of your tires, increase the life of your vehicle and increase fuel economy.

Visit our diesel performance shop for tire services or call 402.443.5385 with any questions regarding diesel performance. We’re happy and ready to help.

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