Routine Maintenance for Diesel Engines

Routine Maintenance for Diesel Engines

Whether a diesel vehicle is used for pushing, pulling or carrying loads, diesel engine performance is best achieved with regular maintenance. Routine care will make any enhancement to a diesel vehicle more effective and efficient, as well as increase the life of the engine. So, for optimal diesel performance, check…

Air Filters: Air filters should be regularly inspected and changed as-needed. The air filter collects debris and dirt, and when not replaced can lead to engine damage and impact diesel engine performance.

Oil: Consult with our diesel performance technicians on how often your vehicle needs an oil change. Usually, we recommend an oil change around every 5K miles.

Fuel Filter: Every 10 to 15K miles a routine maintenance visit should be scheduled with a diesel performance technician, where both primary and secondary fuel filters should be replaced.

For a Clean Engine: A clean engine is important for preservation and performance. Allowing dirt and grime to rest on a diesel engine’s components will decrease the life of a vehicle. Check for clean fuel, clean oil and clean air.

Call our diesel performance shop to discuss a routine maintenance plan, or to discuss our recommendations for extending the life of your diesel engine. Committing to caring for a diesel engine is committing to extend the life of your investment.

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